10 Things Your Favourite Video Game Developers Want You To Forget

10. GTA Was Created By Accident - Rockstar

gta race n chase

Yup, despite Grand Theft Auto being one of the most lucrative and controversial franchises in entertainment history, its origins are both child-friendly, and routed entirely in happenstance. See, Rockstar didn't start out as parent-scaring behemoths of nightly news and tabloid coverage - instead they were working on a way more palatable arcade smash 'em up called "Race n' Chase".

The game still featured police cars as players would contend in head to head races, but a glitch during testing caused the police to ram testers, ultimately forcing them off the road or into the sides of buildings. It was right here when Rockstar had their "lightbulb moment", inventing the "wanted meter" mechanic and redesigning the game's focus to factor in cop chases, evading the law and generally indulging in criminality.

In a world where racing games were barely stretching their legs in 3D - and top-down incarnations were cutesy affairs like Micro Machines and Circuit Breakers - it's crazy to think that a random coding bug birthed a household franchise the entire planet now knows inside out.

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