10 Times Pokémon Games Were Censored For Western Audiences

You can't handle the truth.


Throughout the years, Pokémon has been the focal point of serious controversy. Many have taken issue with the concept of evolution, and there are some who believe the game encourages violence towards animals.

Pokémon series also brings with it a debate on bad parenting. Why would a mother allow her ten-year-old child to wander around the region, completely unaccompanied, while trying to tame wild beasts? Furthermore, why is the protagonist of Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald the only playable character with a father?

It's hard to believe that a game for children could have so many detractors, but the ugly truth is that Pokémon could have had a lot more haters if the Japanese version of the games had hit the shores of Europe and America.

When they were being developed for western audiences, certain elements of the franchise were pulled from each Generation of the Japanese release to make them more child-friendly. Some aspects were rightly scrapped due to their racial and sexual connotations, but other things that were given the boot feel like they were removed to placate a sensitive market.

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