10 Times Video Game Developers Lied Straight To Your Face

10. Star Wars Kinect's Lightsaber Duels

Star wars kinect

It's hard to believe, but there was a time where the Kinect genuinely looked like the next big thing. Though we know now that even with two attempts Microsoft would never be able to harness its full potential, one game which threatened to was Kinect Star Wars.

Built entirely for players to live out their greatest Jedi dreams, the early trailers didn't look particularly impressive, but they promised a pretty enjoyable experience where you could get into lightsaber battles and use the force to wipe out armies of droids - all without a controller.

Unfortunately, despite enjoying a pretty radical graphical improvement since that original demo, the end result ended up playing nowhere near as smooth. Sure, you could still wave a lightsaber about, but even that was only for a small fraction of the title and couldn't live up to the promise of the original trailer.

Everyone came for the epic lightsaber duels, when in reality the most functional mini-game actually ended up being the Just Dance rip off that almost single-handedly ruined Star Wars.


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