10 Titles To Play If You Love Telltale Games

Puzzles, point n' clicks and the best characters in gaming.

Double Fine

Truthfully speaking, everybody loves Telltale.

Yes, we may complain about their episodic release dates being inconsistent, their episodes having the occasional glitches and their graphics engine being more outdated than the countless memes about their characters remembering things, but our rage and bitterness comes from a place of love.

We are a part of the large following they've more than earned by implementing a solid and malleable formula: point-and-click gameplay, puzzles, interesting characters, gripping narratives and solid voice acting. A blueprint which has allowed them to work with a number of ridiculously popular properties from Minecraft to the mother f'ing Batman.

Still, while these may seem like Telltale exclusive ingredients to only the most pig-ignorant of fanboys, there are many other games which consist of moral dilemmas, explorative gameplay and cinematic focus.

Some of which do it even better than Telltale themselves.

If you’re fan of Telltale games because you enjoy watching their narratives unwind, getting invested in their characters and solving sets of puzzles, here are a plethora of similarly designed games that, while you might not know about, you may enjoy even more.

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