10 Top Current-Gen Gaming Romances

9. Jackie Estacado & Jenny Ramano (The Darkness Series)

I'm always calm when you're here. - Jenny
The Darkness was a game released in the earlier parts of this generation of gaming. A dark gaming experience based off the comic book with the same title. The game received a lukewarm reception, but those that did play it, experienced a touching romance story in the midst of all the horror and violence. The romance comes courtesy of main character Jackie and his girlfriend Jenny. At the beginning of the game, they seem to have a simple and normal relationship, especially considering Jackie's 'Darkness' powers hadn't awakened properly yet. One simple gaming moment I'll always remember is the ability to simply watch TV with Jenny. Sitting on a couch, on Jackie's birthday, watching TV with your girlfriend. It just felt so normal, or as Jenny would put it, so calming. And you could just sit there for as long as you wanted really. No pressure to quickly get on with the game. Hell you could watch an entire movie on the TV. That alone is a great moment, but unfortunately when you do get on with the game, Jenny ends up being murdered right in front of Jackie. This too, is another heart-wrenching gaming moment as Jackie is powerless to do anything. From that point, the game turns into a revenge mission, hopefully without being consumed by the 'Darkness'. At the end, you are rewarded with a brief last moment together with Jenny before returning to reality. Jenny makes a return in The Darkness 2 too, although a lot is made to confuse Jackie (and thus, the gamer) as to whether Jenny is real or not. Just like in the first game, there are memorable moments between Jackie and Jenny in the sequel too. Jackie shows he still has affections for Jenny, and unwittingly condemns himself by saving her. A bitter romance story. One of the best though because of its simplistic romantic moments.
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