10 Under-The-Radar Video Games You'll Want To Buy In 2018

All your future favourites.

Odd Tales

Most modern gamers know the pain of not being able to play every release they desire, either due to a lack of time or because they need to afford other things such as food and rent and clothes and stuff.

Amid the avalanche of new games we’re frequently gifted, we pay most attention to the ol’ favourites, the reliable choices, those that tend to boast the biggest advertising campaigns and are everywhere we look prior to release.

Perhaps a game just isn't receiving the push it should in marketing, while others fall into a genre saturated by more well-known hits. Regardless, it can make them more difficult to dig out of the pile.

All games mentioned are slated for a 2018 release date at the time of writing, with some hidden gems waiting to be unearthed from beneath the bombardment of higher-profile hits.

With everything from innovative new horror experiences to revivals of old-school gems getting a new lease on life, this year can at least hold a candle to the spectacular releases of 2017.


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