10 Underrated Star Wars Games You Probably Missed

Avoiding Battlefront 2? These are the titles you're looking for.

10 Underrated Star Wars Games You Probably Missed

Much like a new cinematic instalment from year to year, Star Wars games have been inevitable on every gaming platform known to Wookiee and human alike.

Since EA, the dark lord of video games themselves, took over the rights in the post-Lucas era we’ve all but seen a couple cancellations, some phone games and the embarrassing return of Battlefront. You can almost see Activision is Palpatine in this scenario, having the fleet on the other side of Disney, just waiting for EA to screw up so badly that they can swoop in to grab the license - much like they juggled the Bond one back in the day.

In the Star Wars game drought and Solo: A Star Wars Story only a Kessel run away, it might be time check out some older releases.


10. Star Wars Episode I: Racer

Star War Podracer

Putting the N64 to its limits and being more than just a competent racer is all this title needed. This game felt so darn fast, taking a page out of F-Zero’s playbook. and remained challenging even after players learned their way around every track.

It was between this and Racers Revenge for the 10 spot, but if any game developers can take one of Episode I's most despised sections and turn it into fun for all, then I’m sure we could get Senate Discussions Simulator 2018. Take a gander at this retro racer and give it some love.

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