10 Unexpected Times You Found Something Awesome In Video Games

Jar Jar in carbonite is canon, right?

Star Wars The Force Unleashed Jar Jar Binks.jpg

One of the many great thrills of gaming is stumbling across a secret or Easter egg hidden by the developers, be it nothing more than a cheeky throwaway gag, an implication for a sequel, or perhaps an entirely new area of the game.

Now, in our information-rich online age, the vast majority of games have all their secrets spoiled within mere days of their release, but in the case of these 10 incredible finds, it was entirely possible that players found them on their own.

None of these awesome Easter eggs required players to input a cheat code, glitch their way through the map or absolutely, positively have to use an online guide - they could be discovered organically through some enthusiastic exploration.

And in each case, the reaction to finding them was nothing less than sheer joy, that something so neat, so clever, so creative and so damn crowd-pleasing was left in the wilderness for players to seek out for themselves.

If you're the type of player who loves to just cut through the critical path and move on to the next game, this is the sort of mind-boggling content you're missing out on...

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