10 Unique Video Game Difficulty Modes That Will Break You

How do you make Resident Evil harder? Invisible zombies. That's how.


Creating a difficulty curve is one of the toughest challenges in game design. The decision of what type of audience or demographic to tailor your game towards, while striking a delicate balance between encouraging players to keep trying and at the same time punishing failure, is an almost unreachable feat.

Ramping up the difficulty from the lowest to the highest degree is traditionally done by raising statistics or percentages of player obstructions, like the damage enemies inflict and lowering the player’s own abilities. There is however a selection of games that revel in putting specific restrictions or roadblocks in front of players in order to force them to approach situations differently.

Beyond playing more cautiously and paying attention to resources, these difficulties layer their gameplay with components that shift the player’s focus or put restraints on certain mechanics that demand the player adapts to the situation at hand.

Video games at the very least need the capacity to be difficult. By enhancing this challenge with unique alterations and nuances, it provides the player with a greater gratification of being able to beat what’s in front of them and get more from their gaming experience.

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