We all know of them, the games which we’ve waited for for so long or that received massive amounts of hype.  You wait for ages to buy, or to download or just to play them, you put it on and…yeah you get about as much satisfaction as realizing you’re late for work, your car is broken, the trains are too expensive and the people in your neighborhood just threw a small bathtub into your living room, or living in Croydon in London.

Regardless of the disappointment you feel from playing the bad game you can’t help but feel betrayed by all the hype the games were getting.  Were the community who played them and recommend them constantly bribed or blind to what a good game really is?  Were the developers lying to us?  Or was it just that they were trying to make a bit of cash.

Let’s be honest usually it’s all three so here’s a list of 10 Unrealistically Hyped Games That Really Sucked.

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This article was first posted on August 20, 2013