10 Upcoming 2019 Video Games We're Incredibly Worried About

Can Days Gone stand out in a crowded field?

shenmue 3

As delightful as it is when an unremarkable-looking game turns out to be a massively pleasant surprise, the sad reality of the industry is more often that highly anticipated new titles end up falling far short of expectations.

While 2019 certainly has its shame of games that look set to knock it out of the park - Resident Evil 2 Remake, Devil May Cry 5 and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice should get Q1 off to a strong start alone - there are countless more games that are raising the skeptical eyebrow of suspicion.

These 10 games, each of them widely anticipated by fans both casual and hardcore, are giving off the unmistakable whiff of disappointment before they've even hit stores.

Either due to well-documented production woes, uninspired press previews or the simple weight of expectation involved, these titles feel destined to end up being merely decent at best. And one or two of them could even turn out legitimately trash-tier.

It would of course be lovely to be wrong about every single one of them and be pleasantly surprised, but as the saying goes: expect nothing and you'll never be disappointed. Cynical? Probably. Sensible? Absolutely...


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