10 Upcoming Horror Video Games You Need To Know About

10. Agony

Madmind Studios

While other horror games are set in haunted houses or creepy hospitals, the developers behind Agony decided to turn it up to 11 with this one. This game is set in hell itself, with fiery, jagged terrain, blood-soaked skulls, and horrific creatures all around.

A core mechanic of Agony is the ability to possess other characters, including various hellish demons and monsters. This means that unlike Outlast and Amnesia, your gameplay options aren't just limited to running and hiding, which could help to make Agony a richer and deeper experience than many recent horror hits.

With some really interesting dark fantasy aesthetics, Agony looks like a lot of fun and could be a big hit with horror fans looking for something new and different. The game got started thanks to a Kickstarter campaign which raised around $150,000. Production has since been delayed a few times but Agony is finally set to release on PS4, Xbox One and Windows later this month.

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