10 Video Game Achievements That Were Designed To Make You Feel Bad

10. Toroko Wins! (Cave Story)

In the excellent 8-bit-style adventure Cave Story, one of the achievements is earned by being killed by one of the weakest characters in the game: Toroko. One of the game's cute, Rabbit-style creatures known as Mimiga, Toroko can be found in one of the buildings in the Mimiga Village, discovered at the start of the game.

Toroko is armed with a stick and only does 1 damage to your health per attack. Still, if you happened to stumble across her while in a weakened state, it's possible to fall victim to her frantic strikes.

Otherwise, to 'earn' the achievement, you have to stand around without attacking and let her gradually whittle your health bar down, one point at a time.

Given all the tough enemies you encounter and all the different ways you can die in Cave Story, being killed by Toroko is definitely one of the most embarrassing ways to get a Game Over, especially as you only need to shoot her once to defeat her.

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