10 Video Game Bosses Beaten By Their Own Arenas

"Who placed my petard there?"


Being a video game villain really doesn't seem worth it. No matter how highly the odds are stacked in their favour, the most ill-equipped, unlikely protagonist will ultimately prevail. Obviously, there are narrative incentives for such inexplicable ineptitude, but within the framework of a game's inner logic, it so often doesn't make sense.

Dr. Robotnik could easily dispatch that spiny sod Sonic in a heartbeat, if only he'd use his most dangerous device on the first zone rather than waiting till the last. Think of the savings he'd make on rocket fuel! Likewise, Bowser's pursuit of Princess Peach's hand in marriage would be done and dusted if he didn't personally wait for Mario at the end of his many castles, and instead jetted off for Vegas straightaway.

And why is boss arena feng shui so often so shoddy in situations where the baddies would be otherwise unbeatable? It's as though they've been taking interior decor design tips from a malevolent George Clarke, assuring them that a set of spikes lining the credenza absolutely won't spell their doom, oh no.

Thanks to their Amazing Idiotic Spaces, it always does.

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Editorial Team

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