10 Video Game Cash Cows The Industry Can’t Stop Milking

These franchises will never be put to rest.


The video game industry is a business, with the best and biggest franchises raking in absolute fortunes. It’s only natural that in this capitalist world, when companies get a sniff of something good, they tend to go a little overboard in trying to make as much money as they possibly can.

Sometimes, this works out alright for gamers, as we get more releases of our favourite franchises, with big budgets and lots of development work going into each title. Other times, however, it goes a little too far.

Game companies know that certain franchises are going to sell really well no matter what, purely based on brand recognition and fan loyalty, so they milk these cash cows for all they’re worth, churning out one release after another, choosing iteration over innovation, and rarely sparing a thought for player satisfaction.

Some of these franchises will surely keep on going for many more decades, while others might eventually be put to rest. But as long as they keep making money, there can be no doubt that game companies will keep on milking these highly lucrative franchises for as long as they can.


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