10 Video Game Characters That Deserve Their Own Spin-Off Game

9. HK-47


Wanted: Sociopathic droid to assassinate key figures throughout the universe and deliver hilariously dry quips. Those without a deep seated hatred of the human race need not apply. HK-47 is, easily, the best robot character ever created in video games (sorry, Legion). Someone at some point thought: €œHey, that servant droid from Star Wars, you know, with its quaint, servile idiolect... what if they were also a sociopathic killer?€ They might have other achievements they value more (marriage, children, etc), but for me that single thought will remain their greatest contribution to this world. And that€™s nothing to be ashamed of. HK-47 is one of the best things about Knights of the Old Republic, so imagine an entire game spent chasing down various targets in the Star Wars universe, all the while listening to quips like: €œShall we find something to kill to cheer ourselves up?" It€™d certainly beat playing as Jango Fett in Star Wars: Bounty Hunter.

8. Frog


The trusted companion of Crono in SNES hit Chrono Trigger, Frog is everything you might hope a knight to be: chivalrous, courteous and valiant. Oh, and he€™s also a frog. As the name implies. However, he's everything Slippy Toad is not, and I dare you to name a cooler amphibian, as he consistently provided Chrono Trigger with some of its best moments; "I am no pet, I am an accomplished swordsman, green as I may appear". While greeted with disgust by almost every female in Chrono Trigger, Frog is a true hero, and deserves an opportunity to explore that world again. The fact that he€™s restored to human form at the end of the events of the first game need not be a problem €“ the sequel could see him cursed again at the start of Chrono Trigger 2 (just writing that title gave me goosebumps), and working to undo the spell throughout the game. With the nostalgic interest in the SNES era of RPGs higher than ever, what better time to return to the best-loved video game time travelling team of all time? Croak€™s unique combination of hopping and sword-fighting could really make for an excellent gameplaying experience. Oh, and speaking of SNES RPGs...
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