10 Video Game Developers That Sony Should Buy

9. Giant Sparrow

Giant Sparrow

Giant Sparrow is an uber-talented indie developer that Sony contracted straight out of college to continue crafting their prototype game; which ended-up being The Unfinished Swan. If you haven't played that game, please go do so; it's a beautiful, isolating journey that will make you grin with surprise and cry at the tale being told.

Shockingly, the studio's second game was even better. What Remains of Edith Finch released in 2017, and was a first-person narrative in the same vein as Gone Home. However, it was the natural evolution of that formula; adding multiple types of gameplay to go beyond the "walking simulator" moniker, and tie it all together in a haunting narrative.

Giant Sparrow has shown twice that it is one of the most talented indie developers on the planet. It is a wholly unique studio that has proven its ability to tell amazing stories about relatable characters, within rich worlds. Adding one of the very best indie developers to its studio roster would prove that Sony is still dedicated to smaller titles, in a time when people claim it may be getting too egotistical.

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