10 Video Game DLC That's Actually Worth The Money

10. Persona 5


Showing that DLC doesn’t have to be intrinsic to the main game itself, Atlus provided little in the way of additional content that impacted the core of Persona 5. This came as a great relief (or a shame, depending on your dependency for more Persona) when it was revealed that most of the DLC for 2017’s phenomenal Persona 5 merely dabbled with the aesthetics.

It appealed to diehard fans, offering additional character skins and costumes for the various members of the Phantom Thieves. These spanned across the rich catalogue of Shin Megami Tensei games, some of which were well known while others were fairly obscure. For a small fee players could clad their protagonist in the same outfits sported by beloved characters, or gain powerful Personas, like Persona 4’s Izanagi or Persona 3’s Thanatos.

Not to mention the totally free ‘Merciless’ mode. This challenged the more veteran players to their absolute limits or, in the event of a New Game Plus, gave their Personas some durable punching bags to fight.

This was certainly true when tackling Kamoshida with a buffed up Satanael; that's true satisfaction right there.


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