10 Video Game Easter Eggs That Will Blow Your Mind

just_cause_2_72 When you buy a game, you pop in the disk, you finish the story, and presumably throw hours into the multiplayer. You'll hunt down all the achievements and gain your platinum trophy. Then sometimes you'll sling the case back into your shelf and it will decay with the rest of your collection. Or, if you're anything like me, you keep the disk in your console and spend your time hunting down Easter eggs into the early hours. Easter eggs, as you would probably guess, are hidden secrets or inside jokes found in any type of media, but it's video games, with their usually open ended nature, that lends itself to the most creative and mind blowing Easter eggs. Obviously, some are better than others, so here are the 10 Easter Eggs that will blow your mind. And as you'd probably guess, spoilers will follow.

10. Skyrim Tributes Minecraft Creator

Yeah, so, one of the biggest games of the past couple of year pays tribute to another....so what? Minecraft and The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim are two games that, despite being at total different ends of the gaming spectrum, cross the line into mainstream nerd culture. Both caused hours of happiness for gamers and hours of sighing at annoying meme based Facebook posts for me. There is a darker story beyond the awesomeness that is Minecraft and Skyrim. Bethesda Softworks (Skyrim's publishers) were involved in a class action lawsuit against the creators of Minecraft, Mojang. Why? Mojang's next game was "Scrolls", which, apparently, sounded too similar to "The Elder Scrolls" (even though it's mostly known as just Skyrim). However, the part of Bethesda that actually makes games feels different to the corporate side. They went so far as to include a dig at their legal department. If you head to the top of the mountain known at "The Throat Of The World", you'll find a item called the "Notched Pickaxe". Quite an obvious reference to not only Minecraft's creator but to the main weapon you use in the game. Also, rather a ballsy move from the creators of Skyrim.

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