10 Video Game Franchises That Need A Reboot


The last proper game in the SWAT series was released close to 8 years ago now, with the developers since deferring to mobile and PSP-only iterations, suggesting a lack of confidence in producing another top-tier, fully-fledged entry. Given how we€™ve become inundated with an absolute glut of military shooters in recent times, something that€™s a bit calmer and more considered would be a nice change of pace, especially when we recall how brilliantly strategic the SWAT series has been to this point. Of course, Sierra folded and then the franchise became the property of Activision Blizzard, who said they have no plans to make another title, but can you imagine the possibilities? Melding the old-school slow-burn of SWAT with the more cinematic flourishes that have populated video games in the last decade, they could have a killer title on their hands indeed. Plus, the modern prevalence of DLC allows for topicality and timeliness; if something big happens in the news, a mission about it could be ours within a few weeks.
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