10 Video Game Franchises That Need To Die

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CD Projekt RED

Franchises are a staple of the gaming world. Why make one game that everybody loves when you could make two? Why make two when you could make three? And so it goes.

But as time starts to move on and gaming changes, companies need to adapt their product so that it stays fresh. They need to justify to the gamer that their new game (with its hefty price tag) is going to bring them something the previous titles couldn't - be that new characters and storylines or a switch-up of gameplay mechanics.

By retreading old storylines, failing to update their gameplay or simply releasing broken games, franchises can often damage their selling power with instalments that attempt to cash in on their past successes. Some even double down on these issues by ignoring criticism of their games in favour of churning out sequels year after year.

Make no mistake, franchises exist for a reason - they often have a winning formula. Franchises don't start if there isn't a market for their games, but while some series continue to garner critical and commercial success, others are failing to bring in either...

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