10 Video Game Franchises We Really Don't Need More Of

Enough is enough.


Some video game characters are utterly timeless and will never, under any circumstances, bore the adoring masses. Some may have undergone radical re-designs in recent years (here's looking at you Lara Croft) but they're still the same characters we've grown to love through our adventures with them.

Sadly, the same can't be said for many characters, nor the series' they belong to. More isn't always what we need and bigger isn't always better - sage advice for rampant developers who are hellbent on producing title after title of the same shtick.

Whether it's a long running series or a single gaming entry; there are just some things that should be left alone. Consider television as a fitting example to prove the point; Fawlty Towers is hailed as one of the best British sitcoms of all time but there were only ever two series, totalling 12 episodes.

Any more would be utter sacrilege and would completely ruin the world's opinion of such a superb example of television - the same can be said for video games, I'm afraid to say.

Let's get started...


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