10 Video Game Mechanics That Make No Sense

Tomb Raider

Video game mechanics are the basis that make a video game actually function in the way that it should; without them, the flashy graphics and awesome story wouldn't matter for a whole lot. They are, in effect, the skeleton of the game, propping up everything else and figuring them into a coherent whole. However, some game mechanics seem to work against gamers and provide them with more frustration than pleasure; even plenty of great, popular games have adopted these techniques, either because they're in vogue, or because they're a convenient way to solve a developmental problem. But what are they really? They're totally lazy, and annoying - some even occur, as you're about to see, for basically no good reason. Whatever the purpose, here are 10 video game mechanics that make no sense...

10. Disappearing Corpses

Bioshock Infinite In the vast majority of video games, if you're gunning down hordes of bad guys, eventually something's gotta give. Bodies will soon enough begin disappearing off the screen, and we've been told for years that this is because of technical constraints, that the hardware cannot handle that many objects on the screen at any one time. While this might have been a permissible excuse back in the days of the PS1, are we really still sticking to the same old tale now? Besides, several games have proven that persistent corpses can work; Deus Ex: Human Revolution features corpses that will still be there even if you return to an area hours later. Therefore, disappearing corpses are most certainly a mechanic and not a technical limitation in this day and age. It's a nitpick in the scheme of things perhaps, but it really doesn't make a lot of sense...
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