10 Video Game Moments Everyone Was Waiting For (That Didn't Happen)

9. Driver 3 Being A Worthwhile Rival To GTA

Driver 3

There was a time when GTA wasn't the king of the open world genre, and in fact, Driver 2 (released a year before GTA III) first pioneered the idea of hybridised on-foot/in-car gameplay. Telling a pretty neat crime epic with a great look, developers Reflections didn't go the extra mile to add shooting - instead Tanner's set of abilities stopped with jacking cars and running around.

Enter plans for Driver 3: A game that would not only add shooting mechanics and a solid physics model, but also a unique replay feature so you could record and play back your coolest moments, stunts and cop chases.

It was enough - alongside the Driver brand name, considering some fairly positive PS1 memories - to challenge GTA... until we got hands on final code, and Driver 3 was ab-so-lutely terrible. Cars were squirrelly as hell, the shooting was unresponsive and that replay feature? It was barely incentivised because the very act of setting up anything worth recording didn't feel worthwhile.

In another time - preferably now, when social media reigns - Driver's mentality could've soared. Here though? Its "dent" on GTA felt like a bug hitting the windshield.

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