10 Video Game Plots Nobody Fully Understands

Come on then fanboys, make these make sense.

Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XII
Square Enix

Throughout history, stories have had a huge impact on us lowly humans, and even though they haven€™t been around for nearly as long as books or films, games have slowly but surely evolved to become a medium that tells them like no other. More than anything else, a deep, fulfilling, satisfying plot makes a game memorable, and it€™'s no coincidence that the best titles are those that manage to seamlessly weave narrative and gameplay together. However, this advancement is not without its dangers -€“ particularly when games try too hard to be as deep and complex as possible, and instead end up with plot threads left unresolved and stories going off the deep end without any explanation whatsoever.

Writers can get so caught up in the story they want to tell that it becomes incomprehensible to the player, as revelation after revelation is thrown at you, and there€™s a plot twist around every corner. In same (rare) cases, you can even see the writers just give up and abandon ship, leaving the player to try and figure out for themselves what on earth is going on in the twisted plot-wreckage they€™'ve left in their wake.

At least with the Internet around, people can come together and make theories - one last, desperate attempt to make some sense of the chaos. So here is a run-down of some of the most maddening plotlines in gaming history. Before we go on, a warning - given the nature of this article, there are spoilers where appropriate.


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