10 Video Game Protagonists Who Were Way Too Satisfying To Kill

For the sadists in all of us, these guys were the paintbrush, their games the canvas.

Bringing down a tough boss can be one of the most rewarding aspects of any video game: after fighting hard against a seemingly unstoppable foe, you find a way to outsmart them and live to fight another day. But sometimes we gamers yearn for something more: sometimes repeatedly killing off the protagonist is just as fun as actually progressing through the game. This can be for a number of reasons: perhaps the main character just isn't very likeable, or perhaps the developers have simply given players so much freedom that it'd be a sin not to get to work killing the player character in as many inventive ways as possible. The freedom to decimate the protagonist in a number of imaginative ways can seriously increase a game's replay value: who among us hasn't spent hours of their life finding out every way a certain iconic video game heroine could perish? Sure, it appeals to our natural sense of morbidity, but really, the developers are the sick ones for including so many unique and gratuitously violent death sequences in their games: we're just taking glorious advantage of it. Are there any other video game protagonists you just love killing? Or were we a little too hard on any of these characters? Let us know in the comments!

10. Master Chief - Halo

Master Chief is unarguably one of the most bada** protagonists in video game history, but given how stern and serious he is, it's sometimes fun to just take a load off and blow him to bits. There are standard suicide scenarios, like throwing grenades at yourself or firing a rocket launcher at the ground, though Halo's impressive array of weaponry allows some considerably more inventive deaths. A fan favourite surely has to be the Plasma grenades, which will stick to any object at which they are thrown, and if you're feeling a little suicidal, they can even be attached to yourself if you crouch down while throwing. This is particularly hilarious if you proceed to run into a crowd of enemies and become a suicide bomber. Suicide can also be great fun online: grab a Warthog and just drive off the edge of the map, and there's extra points in it for you if you can do so with a few teammates in tow. They call that a murder-suicide, apparentl, though you'll probably end up booted off the server if you keep that sort of behaviour up.

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