10 Video Games Coming In 2020 (And Beyond)

SHODAN isn't done with us yet.

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We're on a precipice for video games right now. We've had amazing open world environments that only get bigger and better as we go on, games that push the very limits of what technology can be, and a resurging appreciation for independent developers that offer up a whole new take on AAA titles.

Whilst some companies are taking a long hot dip in boiling water for lootboxes and bungled Battle Royale affairs, the future still looks bright for what the next generation of gaming could be - especially if you squint past Google Stadia and into the bright lights of the next Xbox and PS5. They're positively blinding.

So what shiny new things has the industry got in store for us?

We're not even halfway into 2019 yet, and there's plenty to make you wish your year away, with new releases and long standing projects about ready to pop when we hit that sweet double 20. Recline your chair, prepare your wallet, and for the love of god, put Anthem down.

We're about to head to the future of gaming, and it's all very exciting.


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