10 Video Games That Have Epically Failed This Decade

10. Final Fantasy XIV Is Released Unfinished

If you've played the recently-launched Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, then you might be sharpening your pitchforks ready to stick us, because Final Fantasy XIV is a great game, right? In its current iteration it's certainly not bad, but remember that Square Enix originally launched the game in late 2010, whereby it received almost universally scathing reviews from critics and players, who cited the high abundance of bugs, unintuitive menus, and essentially incomplete feel of the game as making it one even hardcore Final Fantasy fans should give a miss. The game had a severe negative impact on Square Enix's reputation at the time, which combined with coming fresh off the mixed reception of their last "proper" Final Fantasy game, Final Fantasy XIII, was enough for many to believe that the company had lost its Midas touch. Barely two years after it launched, FFXIV was shut down, and a further 9 months later, the rebooted A Realm Reborn was released to solid critical acclaim and a healthy user-base. To their credit, at least Square Enix managed to turn an undeniable epic fail into a reasonable win in the end, with plenty of hard work and commitment (which nevertheless should have been the case the first time around).

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