10 Video Games Every Gamer Is Embarrassed To Own

001 Have you ever owned a video game that was considered taboo? I mean a game that was either so awkward or so terrible that you had to play it behind closed doors and/or stash it the moment you heard a knock on your door? Those are the kind of video games every gamer is embarrassed to own. Here is a list of ten such titles for you to better understand... 1. Sexy Beach series Eroges (Japanese erotic games) are among the biggest taboos among gamers. A relationship with a female in the real world is much better than a simulation, which is why those who played these games were shunned by those who engage in the former. Though there have been many eroges that have come and gone, the Sexy Beach series for the PC earned a spot on this list for being the best and most taboo of them all. Sexy Beach allows you to take a sexy virtual chick, dress her up in the most revealing outfits and take her on erotic escapades across a beach resort including pouring lotion all over her, have her eat dripping ice cream, play strip poker, and even have virtual sex with her to tie the knot.
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