10 Video Games Nobody Admits Are Annoyingly Overrated

Sometimes 'the critics' and 'the fans' can both be wrong.

Overrated video games

The gaming industry has a real, tangible problem with hype. It's something that hit a tipping point and spilled right over with No Man's Sky, but has - in no small part thanks to the amount of beloved properties making their way to the silver screen - transformed somewhat into 'fans vs. critics'. Not to mention, the hangover from 2014's #gamergate movement still dissuades many consumers from 'trusting' or believing when a major games press outlet is championing a game.

However, regardless of which side you fall into - analysing mainly through objectivity or subjectivity/critical vs. pure opinion - it can often feel like a groundswell of thought establishes a game's reputation forevermore.

Ocarina of Time? "One of the best games ever made". The Last Guardian? "Mostly fine but has some control issues" - we hear these cultural voices all the time, but how often are they actually on the money?

How often do you come across a game that for all intents and purposes, is supposed to be the 'next big thing' or a reputable experience, only for it to lack the necessary ingredients?

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