10 Video Games Stuck In Development Hell

9. Soul Calibur 6

While the most recent addition to the Soul Calibur franchise was only 2 years ago, the team have reportedly been arguing over one very specific part of a character€™s body for the last seven months when looking into the next instalment of the widely popular fighting series. Disgustingly the debate within Namco has been whether to enhance or reduce the size of Ivy€™s breasts. Now, many thoughts run through my mind at such a claim. For example, what level of depravity much a game company achieve in order to stoop to such a low. It€™s unashamedly sexist, a thought process that merely see women as sex objects rather than full people and to me it's a philosophy that fills me with anger toward the developers. But even so, this argument has raged for seven months, an unbelievable amount of time for something that should be innocuous but is apparently so critical to the success of the franchise that such a length discussion must take place. Ultimately, this is a case of a game stuck in development hell for no logical reason at all. The amount of time spent on such a minor detail will not improve gameplay or refine previously thought ideas, merely it serves to reveal a level of arrogance or more succinctly a level of ignorance that I can only pity. I assume that the game will be completed but it will be one I will most certainly avoid.

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