10 Video Games That Are So Bad They’re Actually Awesome

1. Deadly Premonition

deadly premonition

The combat is painful, the glitches are numerous, and the graphics are grim. Combine that with a story that resembles a less logical version of Twin Peaks, bizarre dialogue and some infuriating gameplay mechanics and the results are... brilliant.

Deadly Premonition is the go-to when talking about games that are so bizarre they're brilliant, or games that are so broken and flawed that they're actually charming. You control a psychic detective, who is investigating a murder in the small town of Greenvale with the help of visions he gets from his coffee. You wander and drive around the kind-of open world, talking with the locals, getting into scraps with demons, and taking care of basic needs like eating, sleeping and, errr, shaving.

That's not the only strange gameplay mechanic in Deadly Premonition, as you can also do little things like refuel your car, turn your windscreen wipers on when it rains, and smoke to speed up the passage of time.

All these idiosyncrasies fit well with the game's awesome assortment of oddball characters, dated animations, strange use of music, and all-round quirkiness - whether intentional or accidental. You may struggle initially with its oddness, but stick with it, and you may just fall in love with it.

Which games were so bad for you that you ended up loving them? Leave a comment and let us know!

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