10 Video Games That Gave Iconic Characters The Endings They Deserved

1. Geralt Of Rivia - The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Witcher 3 blood and wine ending
CD Projekt RED

There's a running commentary going on whenever The Witcher 3 gets mentioned, in that far less people have seen it through to completion than the likes of me - someone who's put in literally 400 hours and am still going - just to see everything CD Projekt RED's baby has to offer.

Say you have seen it all though, every last main quest, a plethora of side-missions, beast-hunting Witcher contracts and the occasional item-find, how the hell do you retire a character that by definition, exists within the world as a necessary force of good against evil?

You give him a retirement home, but not one he's necessarily beholden to. Yes, Geralt gains access to a vineyard in second DLC, Blood & Wine, and it's one you can pour thousands of coins into to upgrade, yet only at the end of the game do you get a surprise visit from whichever character is closest to you.

For me, that meant life-partner Yennefer suddenly moved in, ushering in a brilliantly calm conversation about the pros and cons of drinking wine and hanging out in the sun whilst dressed entirely in black. This entire thing comes just after you've wrapped a tumultuous main quest, ending with Geralt acknowledging that he will need to rest at some point, before delivering a wry smile directly to the camera.

We leave this generation's most unsung hero happy, content with some property to call his own - a place you know he'll go back to once you let go of the controller. And that, is the perfect example of a game world living on once you've stopped playing.


Which game characters retired or ended their games in the most appropriate way? Let us know in the comments!

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