10 Video Games That Prove 2010 Was The Best Year Ever

10. HeartGold & SoulSilver


Generation 2 is for many people the pinnacle of the Pokémon franchise. While RBY has the nostalgia factor, Gold and Silver built on those fantastic mechanics and offered all the Kanto gyms plus eight new Johto ones. For a lot of people, the first Pokémon game they play is their favourite, but there's a lot of reasons to put HeartGold & SoulSilver at the very top.

The new Pokemon introduced are some of the fans’ favourites, not least the starters. Johto is one of the few regions where all the starters avoid the ugly, awkward teenager phase of the middle evolution. Looking at you, Charmeleon.

As well as the likes of Shuckle, Mareep and Pichu, some of the best loved ‘mons here are the Eeveelutions: Espeon & Umbreon. Gen IV’s Glaceon and Leafeon receive nowhere near as much love as Johto’s Pyschic and Dark types.

Finally, the crowning glory of HeartGold & SoulSilver was the battle with Red. For those who played it, all that needs to be said is ‘...’, but for the uninitiated, this was a boss battle against yourself from the first game. Genius.


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