10 Video Games That Prove The PS Vita Is Infinitely Better Than You Think

Sony's gem of a handheld never gets the recognition it deserves.


The PlayStation Vita is more or less a dead console, and that’s a genuine shame.

Granted, there are still releases trickling out every now and then, but zero major support, and Sony themselves rarely give it a mention. It was far, far more popular in Japan than over here in the West, and the selection of games shows that.

The console has a library featuring games that run the gamut from 'a little strange' to downright bizarre, but plenty are genuinely great, suffering only from a lack of exposure. The Vita also has great specs, especially as far as handhelds are concerned, and honestly, it truly feels as though it should have had a much longer run.

Sales just weren’t there though, as unfortunate as it is. There was very little first party support and Sony seemed to lose interest in the machine pretty quickly. To this day there are far too many people who just don’t realise how fantastic the console actually is, and best of all it’s now dirt cheap, as are many of the games.

Some really show off what the console can do, whilst others are surprisingly enjoyable little gems that you may not have even known existed.

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