10 Video Games That Start Hard But Get A Lot Easier Later On

10. Alien: Isolation

Creative Assembly

Alien: Isolation casts players in the role of Amanda Ripley and tasks them with navigating a perilous ship, inhabited by a Xenomorph, rogue androids, and a bunch of armed humans who all want you to die for some reason or another.

To make matters worse, in the early goings of the game, you have pretty much no way of defending yourself except to run and hide. This makes the first few stages, especially the encounters with the Xenomorph, very tricky to get through, and it wasn't uncommon for players to die over and over again.

After a few levels, you finally get your hands on a gun, which makes it much easier to deal with humans and androids, but you'll have to wait until much later in the game to really have enough ammo to survive most encounters and you won't get an effective way to deal with the Alien itself until after the halfway point, when you finally get your hands on a flamethrower. With this, the last levels are so much simpler.


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