10 Video Games That Were Sold On Stupid Gameplay Gimmicks

Remember that time Activision thought playing as a dog would save Call of Duty?

Call of Duty Ghosts

Unlike movies, television or books, the video game industry is constantly evolving. New technology is seemingly created on the daily that introduces new ways to experience everyone's favourite hobby, and this rapid, year-after-year evolution has ensured that the medium is never lacking in creativity, imagination, and daring leaps into the unknown.

With the seemingly limitless potential of game development then, it's no surprise that in between all of the amazing innovations developers have come up with, there have been a few weird, unexplainable features that've become the backbone of huge releases.

In a world where so many new experiences are vying for attention, it can be hard for a studio to make their project stand out, resulting in them throwing every idea into one big melting pot in the hopes of being recognised.

Just because something is new and inventive though, it doesn't mean it's good, and there have been some games over the years that've championed - and even been sold entirely on - utterly ridiculous mechanics.

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