10 Video Games That Would Make Awesome TV Shows

Nowadays, movies based around a great book or a video game aren't anything new to us. However, one thing that hasn't been explored so much is an adaptation into a TV series. Sure, we've had The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones, but surely there must be much more that can be adapted in an incredible TV show. Video games haven't had so much luck when it comes to adaptations. At best, they're mediocre, at worst...let's not talk about this. However, Kevin Tancharoen got it right with Mortal Kombat Legacy, which proved to be a great mini-series with awesome fights and a pretty cool story that serves as an introduction to the characters. It makes you wonder what other games can achieve the same greatness with a similar treatment. Here are 10 that I think would be incredible as a series...

10. Street Fighter

Super-street-fighter-4-charactersWith such a massive amount of characters and a pretty cool storyline, Street Fighter can get the same treatment Mortal Kombat received and actually become a really decent series, exploring their origins while still mentioning their backstories and the reasons why they enter the tournament. And unlike Mortal Kombat, in which if a character loses the match it's pretty much secured that he won't return, here if a character loses he can still return for a season finale. Something that would be very interesting to see is the relationship between Ryu and Ken; since they're best friends, watching them fight each other could be a very interesting thing. However, it should be very well treated if you don't want it to get old. They would have to do it right if they don't want this series to suffer the same fate as many other adaptations of the game.
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