10 Video Games To Play If You Love Game Of Thrones

Political intrigue? Dragons? Dark fantasy? Perfect.


Game of Thrones’ seventh season is over, and if recent reports are accurate regarding a possible delay until May 2019, we’re going to have to wait a long time for the eighth and final season.

Fans who are suffering from a case of withdrawal can look for a replacement show like Vikings, The Last Kingdom, or even The Expanse. While those shows are a great way to get your fix of drama, betrayal, political intrigue, medieval warriors and war, it’s almost too easy to burn your way through an entire season in a night or two of binge-watching.

This is where gaming comes in, as the kind of games that focus on such plot devices like the ones mentioned above are usually the most in-depth.

Whether it’s in the form of an RPG, a strategy game, tactical RPG, or an interactive drama, these video games can offer a fantastic way to see you through many long nights and get you personally invested in its characters and story, possibly even more so than a TV box set.


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