10 Video Games With Absolutely INSANE Install Sizes

Soon a single game will be bigger than an entire hard drive!

Rockstar Games

In an age when video game graphics are hyper realistic, and game worlds are endlessly big, it's not really a surprise that the install sizes for some are massive. 10 years ago a game that was considered HUGE was a mere 10GB. Now you'd be lucky to find a game that takes up such little space.

With the recent announcement of the PS5 and its use of SSD drives, we may soon see a big increase in loading times. SSD drives are not cheap though, so are we going to see a huge spike in sale price, or is the PS5's storage going to be painfully small?

They can't afford to be. Recently, games have been so big they can't even fit on the Blu-Ray disk. Spyro: Reignited Trilogy is an example of this, where only the first of the three games is actually on the disk, and the other two must be downloaded. While this isn't the end of the world, it could spell the end of physically released games as there will be little point in putting a fraction of the game on the disk, only to have to wait and download the rest.


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