10 Video Games With Questions You Won't Want To Answer

10. Is Your Family More Important Than Someone Else's? - Papers, Please

Papers Please
Lucas Pope

A game everyone should play to gain a more empathetical understanding of immigration processes, Papers, Please tasks you with evaluating a number of peoples' visas and papers, so they can enter the "glorious nation of Arstotzka".

Though deliberately inspired by Soviet Union Russia, dehumanising foreign bodies into statistics is a universal, impactful concept.

In a genius move, you're not just stamping passports and checking people for contraband - every penny you make goes towards housing or medical aid for your own family. Soon you'll come across husbands and wives where one half doesn't have everything in order - do you let them go through and risk a pay cut, or stick to the law? What if your child, partner or parent is sick, and needs the money?

Papers, Please pulls no punches, and there are repercussions either way.

As the game goes on, the stakes increase. It's only a few hours in where you're given a gun and told to fire upon anyone making a last-ditch effort to cross the border. There's a financial incentive to upholding the state's directive... but you might just find yourself feeling incredibly hollow at the same time.

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