Freeman Front

Without a health system, most games would be unplayable. They invest every action with risk, be it whether you jump to that low platform, or whether you steam head-first into those sword-carrying brutes. In essence, they put a sense of urgency into a game, and let you know one of the world’s fundamental rules still apply – that every action has a reaction. But there have always been games which choose to flout this immortal principle, creating characters not so much blood and bone but titanium and spite.

Some characters are just gluttons for punishment, bullet sponges who just won’t be downed whether because of genetics, narcotics or occasionally, alcohol. These guys laugh in the face of your petty bullets as they weave their way through a horde of anonymous goons.

Now, please understand, I know there are games where this is the point – Bayonetta, Dynasty Warriors, God of War and God Hand all make it clear that your character is some sort of sword-wielding superman (or woman) and ramps up the scale to match. What I’m going to be addressing in this article are those characters who bruise like everymen but receive such a battering that to keep moving defies sense, logic and frankly, common decency. These are the men who take so much punishment that you have to assume they’re being held together by duct tape and wishes.

So let’s get down to it. Keep in mind, a mild SPOILER WARNING is in effect.

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This article was first posted on June 25, 2013