10 Ways Activision Should Make Call Of Duty 2018

1. Multiplayer Needs To Remain Boots On The Ground


After a brief love affair with futuristic jetpacks and sci-fi weaponry, Call of Duty: WW2 finally gave fans what they've been craving for for years: a proper boots-on-the-ground experience.

Dropping all of the fluff that made later entries in the series so frustrating, WW2 proved just how tight and satisfying COD's core shooting still is. By latching players onto the ground, Sledgehammer made the multiplayer suddenly fun again, increasing the time to kill by reducing the amount of angles you could be annihilated from.

In a world where other popular shooters do increased mobility and double jumping arguably better, there's no reason for Call of Duty to trade in its biggest strengths to follow suit, and the sales of WW2 seem to prove that fans don't want it to.

Treyarch are probably the strongest developers working on the franchise at the moment, and could make the greatest COD multiplayer suite in years by continuing to focus on what the franchise does best.

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