10 Ways Activision Should Make Call Of Duty 2018

10. Make It A Cold War Prequel To Modern Warfare


While Treyarch are probably finished with the Black Ops series, 2018 would be the perfect time for the developers to return to an era that needs more love in the video game world: the Cold War.

Telling a story that takes place during the dying embers of the conflict, the title could even tie into the original Modern Warfare, essentially acting as a stealth prequel by crossing over with MacMillan and Price during their sniper days.

Treyarch have already dipped their toes into Cold War espionage before with the original Black Ops, but to go all in on this heady piece of history by grounding it closer to the real world events could give the developers a rich setting to mine.

The studio loves to spin convoluted and twisty narratives, and the tail-end of the Cold War and its fallout would provide them with the perfect opportunity to create their most interesting story yet.


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