10 Ways EA Can Vastly Improve FIFA’s Career Mode

It's about time EA let gamers become the manager of their dreams without limitations...

FIFA 19 Champions League
EA Sports/UEFA

The Champions League.

That was it, that was EA's big change to Career Mode in FIFA 19, and it wasn't enough. Admittedly, some other tweaks like the ability to directly source players with release clauses and a new 'Ultimate' difficulty level, have helped, but they're hardly revolutionary leaps forward for a mode that has become FIFA's ugly duckling.

Ultimate Team is the crown jewel of FIFA features, if only because it rakes in mountains of cash for EA, and that success has caused Career to become the game's dinosaur mode that's hidden in the main menus and there to keep the hardcores happy. Come FIFA 20 next year, it's time that changed. There's one seriously dynamic mode waiting to be unleashed if the developers want it.

In order to make Career Mode great again, EA are going to have to dedicate some serious thought to it pre-release. As nice as they are, flashy, official European licenses aren't enough, and it's about time Career was vastly improved over the paper-thin frame playable in 19.

EA have no excuses. Their old FIFA Manager franchise is ripe for plundering, and so are other deep and immersive titles like Football Manager...

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