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Wanna see some staggering numbers? Over 30 million = the number of Nintendo 3DS handhelds sold worldwide. Around 4.5 million = the number of PS Vita systems sold worldwide. It’s obvious that the 3DS  and Vita cater to different markets, but the Vita is not even on pace with the cycle of the PSP.

A price cut in Japan gave the Vita a much needed boost, but that price cut is not supposed to happen anywhere else (yet). So if Sony’s not going to cut the price, what can they do to sell more units? Here are a few recommendations:

10. Crossplay For EA Sports games

madden 25

With the recent announcement that Madden 25 is not coming to the Wii U, the EA Sports banner has signaled that they do not need to publish games for the Wii U, or the other Nintendo systems for that matter. The battle in the trenches is going to be held on the 360 and PS3, but what about the future?

If EA pulled off cross play for Madden or Fifa, everything changes. Sony would have to facilitate this in any way they could due to the fact that FIFA 13 and Madden 13 on the Vita left a bad taste in everyone’s mouth. MLB The Show illustrates that it can crossplay with sports games can be done, but EA Sports would have to do much better. It is a daunting task upfront, but again if they pulled it off, Sony would have a strong X Factor.

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This article was first posted on May 11, 2013