10 Ways The Xbox One Is Secretly Beating PS4 & Nintendo Switch

This underdog has many hidden strengths.


Everyone loves an underdog... right?

That doesn't seem to be the case with Microsoft in this console generation. After losing the initial launch battle to the much more popular PlayStation 4, the Xbox One has never been able to improve upon its infamously rocky launch.

With the recent success of the Nintendo Switch, Microsoft is at the bottom of the pecking order - a place they haven't been since the original Xbox.

The broken promises and constant plan switching, as well as a lack of any substantial exclusives, has really ruined the reputation of the Xbox One. Meanwhile, PlayStation and Nintendo are knocking out high quality exclusives left and right, which is starting to make it look like all hope is lost for the big black box.

Despite all of the admittedly big problems, the Xbox One is actually pulling ahead of it's competition in many subtle ways. If Microsoft can keep adding these sorts of things in the future, they can slowly win back the love of their fans, and hopefully pull in more people.

Here's hoping that the competition can start being more even soon.

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