10 Ways To Make The Perfect Star Wars Video Game

10. Authenticity In The Weaponry

Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy

"Not as clumsy or as random as a blaster" said Obi-Wan of the Lightsaber, and yet it seems that video game developers have completely ignored these wise words. In most Star Wars titles, the player will gain access to a Lightsaber at some point, but the in-game physics of the weapon never measure up to quite how lethal they're portrayed on film.

A beam of pure energy that has no problems slashing through metal is often reduced to a seemingly blunt object bopped on an enemy's head three or four times before they tumble to the ground. KOTOR and the Force Unleashed have both been guilty of this issue; reducing Lightsaber combat to clumsy swipes and damage to virtually nothing.

Developers should be looking to Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy in order to judge how effective a Lightsaber is against an opponent: a prod with the Jedi weapon and Stormtrooper corpses were littering the place like cigarette ends at a bus stop. If we're working hard to get a Lightsaber, it should at least work properly.

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