Nothing beats a great, emotionally satisfying video game ending that justifies all the time you’ve pumped into it, but at the same time, it really sucks when you don’t feel adequately rewarded by the climax of a game. But what about when a video game ending is neither good nor bad, and simply, it just weirds the Hell out of you? Sometimes it’s clear that developers are just trying to mess with us, and while in the below instances it doesn’t always result in a worthy ending, there’s absolutely no way we could forget the slab of craziness that was served up by these insane climaxes.

Here are the 10 weirdest video game endings of all time.


10. Portal

Portal was a fantastic game that, to its credit, had a pretty clear streak of weirdness cutting through it from start to finish, given that the game begins by promising you cake if you can get through its fiendish series of challenges. However, there was the thought that the quirkiness would tone itself down as things got more serious towards the end, and our protagonist, Chell, was forced to face off against GlaDOS.

That didn’t really happen, though, and as the battle comes to an end, we arrive at what is the punch-line to a game-long joke; we pass through the facility to come to a store room, where we are presented with a Black Forest cake. Soon enough, a robotic arm extends and extinguishes the lit candle, but that’s only the beginning of the strangeness.

The credit roll is accompanied by the now hugely popular – and annoyingly catchy – tune “Still Alive”, which has GlaDOS serenading us with a song. How freaking bizarre.

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This article was first posted on December 3, 2012