10 Worst Mass-Market Video Game Controllers Of All Time

1. Dreamcast

Dreamcast controller

Blame marketing, blame bad timing, blame cack-handed third-party support or point fingers at all three - one of the biggest nails in the Dreamcast's coffin was its controller.

A truly blocky design aimed to support additional 'VMUs' (Visual Memory Units) - removable memory cards that doubled as miniature handheld systems with a basic LCD screen - Sega were clearly trying to one-up Nintendo when it came to innovation.

Sadly, their bulky shape made the controller quite the cumbersome thing to hold with confidence, and then you had the overly slippy analogue stick, cheap-feeling buttons and shape that couldn't hold a candle to the PS2's iterative DualShock.

To this day, the Dreamcast's form factor divides rooms depending on those who swear it was "just ahead of its time", but there's a fine line between that as a driving force, and total madness.


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